Lovin' The Crew

16 Bars

Francois Jr. Lavagesse born October 14, 1993 also known as Jae Lejit is a Haitian artist and entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York.  At twelve years of age, he felt chosen to lead hip hop. Years later after migrating from Philadelphia to Toronto, Jae recorded his first song and founded 16 Bars based on the five elements of hip hop; fire, earth, wind, water and knowledge. Featured on Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and many more, Jae Lejit is critically acclaimed event at a young age!

“As a god on planet earth my mission is to beautify this world with universal love and truth” – Jae Lejit  

Isaac Mbikay, better known as Stretch Turner is a hip hop artist from Toronto, Ontario Canada. He was born in Montreal, Quebec but moved to Toronto, Ontario a couple of years later where he grew up in Regent Park. At 14 years old Stretch took part in a hip-hop workshop at the Regent Park Media Arts Youth Centre – a program facilitated by one of the pioneers of Toronto’s rap scene Dan-e-o. He learned about the essence of hip hop as well as how to construct rap music. Stretch would freestyle in cyphers along with others which raised his level of confidence in rapping. His motivation to pursue music is influenced by the NYA program, Write from Scratch, and Ada Slaight Youth Mentorship Program in Regent Park. Some of Isaac’s influences include Nas, Mobb Deep, The Clipse, Wu Tang Clan and Jay-Z. Stretch Turner’s main mission is to create good music to distribute to the world, evolve to heights as an artist and see the world for what it is!

Yverson Belotte born May 15, 1993 also known as IV is a hip hop artist from Port of Prince, Haiti and Boston. At the age fourteen, he moved to Toronto and fell in love with music; composing his first song at the age sixteen. Music kept IV sane during his time of pain and struggle. IV looks forward to perfecting his craft while sharing his story to make a positive impact for youths!

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